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Leisure Scuba Diving in Pulau Dayang, Peninsular Malaysia

The last of my weekend trips led me a small island called Pulau Dayang in Malaysia. Alamak! Malaysia again lah? That's 4 out of the 9 last weekends. Pulau Rawa, Mount Kinabalu, Pulau Tioman and now Pulau Dayang. Dayang is another one of the small islands off the Eastern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. 1.5 x 0.5km, just next door to bigger sister Pulau Aur (guess what... another island) ... and absolutely nothing but palmtrees, rocks and some beaches. Oh... almost forgot: there's a diving resort conveniently located on the prime sandy white beach. Enough of the words, here are some pictures, which describe the island more than adquately:

However, the beauty of the island cannot be fully appreciated as the tight diving schedule only allows a few easy moments on the island itself. Far too little to exploit the possibilities of ultimate relaxation. Then again, it's just about enough time to grasp the moment and realize where you are und say to yourself: "Hey, isn't it great enough just to be on a tropical island?". If you hear the sound of goodbye now ... yeah, it's just around the corner. :(

The trip to Pulau Dayang was another package tour organised by the Absolute Scuba diving school. As either the time or the will for organising an individual trip were lacking with me and the two girls (Nadine & Christina), we opted for the most convenient choice. Singapore-Dayang-Singapore in 48 hours including a door-to-door-to-door transfer without doing much at all. So once again, everyone gathered at the diving school on Friday evening after work. Before that, I paid another visit to my semi-gay hairdresser and personal stylist Kenny, who almost broke out in tears when I told him about my forthcoming departure at the end of the month. I left the hairdressing salon as usual with the ah beng look (in former times wrongly interpreted as metrosexual look ... "welcome to singapore" is the only thing I can tell myself now). Back at the Plaza, i couldn't resist to put some additional fine-tuning to my hair to look handsome again. Oh well, I think I'm Kenny-nized. I should get back to the diving report.

After arriving at the diving school, the routine kicked in. Paperwork, check dive gear, enter bus, go to Tuas, stop for dinner & shopping, go to Mersing, switch to boat, arrive at the island at 4am, catch some sleep. Didn't differ too much from the trip to Pulau Tioman, so I'm not going to write it down again.

Sleeping all the way until early afternoon on Saturday would have been no problem if it wasn't for the alarm clock which insisted on an 8 am rise. After breakfast, we went for the checkout dive, which turned out to be rather plain. Because of boredom or maybe of material weariness, i bit off a part of my secondary stage mouthpiece. Yes, that was the most interesting part of the dive. One (!) batfish and some big slugs don't really sweep me off my feet anymore.

The second dive of the day was supposed to become much more interesting. We went to nearby island Pulau Lang, which is not much more than a small rock with some palmtrees. After 10 minutes of heavy finning and even before descending, we had to abort the site and the dive because the currents were too strong. Great... NOT! The alternative dive site offered just a little more than the first one. At least we saw some rather territorial fishes who tried to defend their area. As it is mating season for a lot of fish species, they are quite aggressive. In this case, they had a little problem with their attack combos: 20 cm vs. 200cm (incl. fins *g*). To realize the dimension of that really big fish approaching, they swam up very close, then turned around only a few centimeters in front of my mask. Quite funny.

A turtle and some cuttlefishes also crossed our way on dive number 3. Respect to the turtle who didn't feel a bit intimated when 10+ divers watched it while having a small afternoon snack. Hey, we could have had a fine soup in the evening, if we just had a harpoon with us... damn! :)

The 4th and final dive for this day, the night-dive, turned out to be very short one as some of our group went missing. We had to ascend and fight the currents once more. After that, no one was really interested in just screwing around near the jetty so we went straight to BBQ dinner. Too bad about the dive, but it also shows from a live example, that something actually can happen, especially during a night dive. This is not indoor mahjongg, after all. Just two weeks after our ill-fated diving attempts near Pulau Hantu, someone died at the same diving spot and was found only three days later. The case is still under investigation, therefore the cause is still unknown. Bad visibility might have contributed for sure.

Back on solid ground, it was time to feast on the BBQ. It was quite good and the chicken satay kept on flowing in as well. Overall, the food on Pulau Dayang was surprisingly good, much better than on Tioman. After dinner, we talked a while with our dive instructors who shared some of their best diving experiences with us. Mouth-watering only hardly describes the things I heard that night. Wreck diving at Midway is now my new ultimate goal for diving. Who cares about lousy Sipadan? :) After that, it was time to go to bed. Slept like a rock.

Getting up on Sunday morning was another big challenge. We went to Pulau Lang again, where the diving conditions improved significantly. The marine life was much better here, on par with Tioman, yet it still fell short of the views of Koh Tao. I followed a rather mean looking big fish (maybe a little over a half meter). Stupid me! Bad idea! It turned out to be a triggerfish who soon entered the same aggressive stance as described above if someone enters its territory. After I got a little too close, it turned around and went on a collission course. Ramming speed. While I'm not sure what harm it could actually do to me, I turned and swam back to the group ... very fast. After 10 meters, I felt something at the back of fins. Oh, how sweet, triggerfish still there and not just hungry. Hey good boy, it's okay, I'm already leaving, ok? No need to browbeat me! Either because I finally left this territory or it saw more of my kind, the fish eventually turned back. While I caught my breath, the diving group surely was entertained... :)

On the final dive, I saw another triggerfish, which looked even bigger while posing rather majestic. One encounter per day is enough so I stopped, turned around ... and hey... where's my group?? The current and a few finstrokes too much had separated me from them. As I had a rough idea where I came from, I went back to find them. A few moments before I would have made my ascend, I saw them gathered in a circle and preparing to ascend as well. Looks like they were really missing me... :) Last special sighting of the day was a colourful stingray that was not well enough hidden under a rock. Good for us, I'd say.

After that, it was time to pack the dive gear back into the bags, head to Dayang, shower, pack backpacks, lunch, leave the island, get into bus, get to singapore. Speaking about routines...

From a marine life point of view, Dayang didn't have much to offer anything special. The trip was worthwhile though for me as someone who should still consider himself a beginner. Some diving things that I only heard on theory became true stories and it's good to see it once for real... like:
- Violating fishes territory might cause them to attack
- People can get lost, especially at night
- It is possible to get lost for oneself when you are too focussed on something and no one else notices it
I also managed to practise and improve on the typical stuff like buoyancy control and air consumption. So even while some dives were not of the jaw-dropping type, it was still a good experience.

Some more pictures to round it all up:

Ok, that's it. Sorry folks, next blog entry is in German again. Have to keep it real and get back to my roots. My parents already complained :)


Diese Bilder müssen adäquat bestraft werden!!!


na danke, jetzt ist mir schlecht. nur weil du mit deinem sozialneid nicht klar kommst, musst du mich noch lange nicht mit gesichtsgrütze bewerfen. ist ja superätzend. do hätt i fast g'spiem! :)

p.s. kauft dem guten mann eine sehhilfe!


na, da waren wir dieses wochenende nachbarn...war naemlich auf pulau aur!!

uuuuuuuuuuuuund: i'm an advanced diver now!!! =)

geniess die letzte woche!
viele Gruesse

wie? letzte woche!?!? ketzerei!!

oder haetteste lieber, dass ich schreibe - "geniess die letzten 6 tage" =))
oder haste dich doch dazu entschlossen, deinen flug umzubuchen??!

ausserdem - du alter stoffel, gratulier mir mal zu meinen ausserordentlichen tauchleistungen!! das navigieren check ich doch schon an land nicht so wirklich.... =))

viele Gruesse


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